There are a few places on the Åland Islands that we have passed by a few times. And each time, we comment that “this looks nice, maybe we should stop sometime”. As is usually the case, we keep on driving. One place we actually took our time to see recently is the Lemström Canal not far from Mariehamn. The canal has a beautiful location, with green lawns and walking paths on both sides. It is a perfect place to enjoy the view of the sailboats passing by each time the bridge across the canal is opened. In the summertime, there’s an ice-cream kiosk as well. In other words, this is a great opportunity to taste some delicious Finnish ice-cream.

The canal was built in the 1880’s to make make it easier for boats to travel from Mariehamn to the other parts of the main island. It is 350 meters long and in connects the Baltic Sea with Lumparn, a large bay. Today it is possible to cross the canal by car over a swing bridge. During summertime, the bridge is opened several times per day for ten minutes each time.

Some information about the Lemström Canal with its bridge might be needed when planning your sailing trip in Åland. Lemström Canal was built in 1882 in order to connect the sea inlet east of Mariehamn to Lumparn which is a popular sea route.

The bridge is opened every even hour for approximately 10 minutes, e.g. from 12 o’clock noon til 12.10 pm. For the bridge opening you will need to be waiting by the canal in good time. Before the last opening of the day at 17.00, 19.00 or 22.00 o’clock the bridge is opened, if needed, 10 minutes prior to the normal opening time.

In the spring or in the autumn (25 September – 1 December) the bridge can be opened daytime Mon-Fri upon agreement with the bridge ward at the latest 2 hours before, phone + 358 18 33731. The bridge opening takes always place even hours.

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